Hard Drive Repair, Head ReplacementAnother type of hard drive repair that our data recovery experts do is the replacement of a damaged drive head.

In a drive that is in good working condition, the drive head never touches the platters where the data is stored. The disk platters in a sealed disk spin very rapidly creating an air cushion between the hard drive head and the disk platter. Removal of any external hard drive seal or the removal of the hard drive top cover while it is in operation will destroy this air cushion causing the drive head to crash on the platter destroying any data found in the sectors that the hard drive head touches.

A malfunction in the drive head mechanism is another cause of hard drive crashing. If you hear grinding noises coming from the inside of your hard drive, it is very likely that what you are hearing is the drive head crashing onto the disk platter. Remember that every time the drive head crashes your data is getting lost. Minimize the amount of total data loss by turning off your computer immediately and contacting a hard drive repair or data recovery company.


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Hard Drive Repair

Drive Head Replacement. All hard drive repairs requiring read/write head replacement must be performed in a data recovery clean room.


Hard Drive Repair

Head Drive Mechanical Malfunction. The drive head usually fails due to normal tear and wear. Some drives fail sooner because of manufacturing defects. A defective head drive mechanism may cause it to get stuck. In order for data to be read from the disk platters the drive head must be able to move sideways. A stuck drive head prevents any kind of access to your data.  A data recovery specialist does this  type of hard drive repair in a clean room. It involves the exchange of heads & the head drive mechanism between a suitable working drive and the one that failed because of a damaged drive head assembly.


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The data recovery professionals at My Data Is Back frequently perform hard drive head repair work where the drive head needs to be replaced on external hard drives and on laptop hard drives. These drives usually stop working after an accidental fall from a desk or similar surface.

After the hard drive repair procedure the repaired drive is cloned to one of our drives. The data recovery attempt is always performed using the cloned drive. We use specialized data recovery software to clone a drive with platters that became damaged because of hard drive head crashing. This software skips any corrupted sectors found and continues until it gets to the end of the drive. Regular software used in cloning hard drives will keep on trying to access a corrupted sector or it will abort the process without cloning the drive at all.


Our data recovery experts are trained in proper data recovery procedures. They will provide you with a referral in case your hard drive needs to be repaired in a clean room to maximize the likelihood of rescuing your data.


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